Mike Vick
"Thank you, what up NY ! RT @StatCityNYK: @MikeVick Cud all ur fans hear in NY get a S/O frm u?! Were so happy 4 u!!"

How I See It: Dear Mike, @StatCityNYK is a fake Amar'e Stoudemire Twitter account. His actual account is @Amareisreal. When New Yorkers think of you, they remember the worst fourth quarter meltdown in NFL history. With all due respect, New York is not happy for you.

Nick Swisher
"RT @BradPenny: @NickSwisher slap aj for me >haha."

How I See It: Don't just slap him for Brad. Slap him on behalf of the entire Yankees Universe. Then maybe he'll throw strikes again.

John Wall
"Headed to Orlando!"

How I See It: Wizards vs. Magic! Celebrities in attendance: Daniel Radcliffe, Selena Gomez and the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.

Carmelo Anthony
"Happy Valentines Day to all the lovely ladies."

How I See It: I don't want to rat anybody out but that truck load of chocolates you got yesterday was from Donnie Walsh. And that life size teddy bear in an Amar'e Stoudemire jersey ... Walsh too.

Jozy Altidore
"@FreddyAdu11 lmao"

How I See It: That's cruel, man. Don't laugh at a former prodigy for arguably being the biggest disappointment in sports history.

CC Sabathia
"My baseball hero for Feb.12th in honor of BHM was my favorite player growing up... Rickey Henderson http://fb.me/RgFUYG7N"

How I See It: Yeah, you guys have a similar style of play.

Danilo Gallinari
"Due passi per white plains..westchester mall..now at home"

How I See It: Who knew that Danilo Gallinari spends his off-days like suburban New York housewife?

Earvin Magic Johnson
"If the season ended today, @RealLamarOdom should be the Sixth Man of the Year. He’s playing great....."

How I See It: No, at the Emmys, they refer to the award for best secondary actor as "Best Supporting Actor in a Reality Series." Magic's gotta steer clear of basketball terminology in pop culture.

Michael Huff
"I need a females opinion: Would you drive a pink car If your valentine got it for you or should I take it back now before she gets in town?"

How I See It: If it was from you or any other Oakland Raider, no. But anybody else, yes.

LeBron James
"Its all good O State! Time to re-group and get back to it! On To The Next One."

How I See It: LeBron James using the expression "on to the next one?" Oh, the irony.