Pierre Garcon
"They say we can't be living like this for the rest of our lives...."

How I See It: You mean not in the Super Bowl?

Chris Paul
"BIG SHOT by J.KIDD!!!!!!!!!"

How I See It: Shouldn't he be rooting for the team who the Hornets aren't chasing?

Adam Jones
"Just had the a great thought. Now we have Vlad : 1. He's going to rake. 2. Ummm rake 3. Heard his mom cooks everyday. Dominican comida #O's "

How I See It: You said rake twice.

Paul Bissonnette
"Guess who got a signed copy of power players anaheim ducks ice girls calender? #kleenex http://yfrog.com/h7ff5vj"

How I See It: Just more proof that division rivalries don't matter when it comes to girls.

Chad Ochocinco
"I don't mean to be redundant but I'm having such a great time in the city of Dallas,regardless of the weather everything is bigger n Texas"

How I See It: Including ice storms!

Darrelle Revis
"i think i might go build a snowman out here in Dallas , that would be funny."

How I See It: Does it snow on Revis Island?

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