Lots of fathers have confidence in their children, but few display the bravado of Mick Tunnicliffe.

Ten years ago Tunnicliffe placed a £100 (roughly $162) bet at 100-1 odds that his son, Ryan, would some day play for Manchester United.

So on Wednesday, when 19-year-old Ryan made his debut in the 77th minute at Old Trafford, Mick was a proud (and wealthy) man. According to The Guardian, Mick was in the stands to see Ryan take the field.

Mick's bet paid off to the tune of £10,000 (about $16,191).

But there's more. Mick also put down £100 at 350-1 odds that Ryan would play for the British national side. So if Ryan ever suits up for England, Mick will have landed himself more than $50,000.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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