This time of year, everyone hopes for a miracle shot heard 'round the nation. In the critical moment, the best players rise to the occasion and find a way to get the ball in the basket.

That's why this kid is even more remarkable. He's obviously a quick learner, a true little man of action during the best time of the year for hoops heroics. His teammate (dad) launches a prayer from deep, and dad's trusty teammate is there for the put-back.

Sure, a basket off your noggin isn't exactly the most impressive technical approach to a big-time shot, and most of the time, people go down in infamy for any ball that bounces off their head in a sporting event. Not this kid, who is already a legend, and was just as surprised as anyone when it hit him in the head and even more so when it went in.

OK, maybe dad was more surprised. But what a shot!

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