Eyebrows only a mother could love -- and does she ever.

Anthony Davis has helped lead Kentucky to a No. 1 seed in this week's NCAA Tournament, and he's also created some buzz over his brows. The 6-10 freshman forward has been rocking a massive unibrow all season long.

Wildcats haters have unloaded on Davis for his decision to avoid shaving a space in between the middle of his bushy eyebrow. But Davis just smiles and swats away the weak shots (on and off the court).

And his mom is joining in on the fun.

Erainer Davis was caught on camera during Sunday's SEC Title game wearing what was described on Twitter as a "Mardi Gras" style mask featuring a huge unibrow. The Wildcats' 24-game winning streak ended with a loss to Vanderbilt, but Davis is still a favorite to lead his team to the land of real Mardi Gras -- New Orleans for the 2012 Final Four.

Bert from Sesame Street leads a group of celebrities known for rocking a unibrow. Former president George W. Bush, russian astronaut Salizhan Sharipov, former USSR political leader Leonid Brezhnev and British singer Noel Gallagher are also listed among the famous people on Unibrowclub.com.

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