Gemma Gibbons could not believe her eyes during a visit this week to Buckingham Palace, where Queen Elizabeth II was meeting with a group of British Olympians and Paralympians.

If having a word with Her Majesty was the highlight of Gibbons' visit, than seeing the interior of the palace might have been a close second.

"It was a great experience," Gibbons told the Evening Standard. "It was my first Olympics so my first time I could go to Buckingham Palace. It's very nice inside."

"Very nice" might be an understatement. As the Judo silver medalist discovered, even the royal restrooms are decked out. To give you some idea of what sort of quality the Queen commands when it comes to the lavatory, several years ago thousands of dollars were spent on a bathroom that Her Majesty did not even use.

The bathroom is so fancy that journalist Piers Morgan even gushed to Conan O'Brien about how he stole toilet paper from the Buckingham Palace.

After the event, Gibbons tweeted a photo of the Queen's luxurious loo.

It is perhaps not surprising that the Queen has a lavish washroom, but it is still neat to see exactly how nice her digs are.

(H/T to Off the Bench)

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