By almost all measures, Michael Phelps' retirement has been a smashing success.

The Olympic legend has had lots of time to work on his golf game, and he's produced some splendid results.

Phelps has also had more free time to support his favorite football team, the Baltimore Ravens. The Charm City native attended several playoff games and was celebrating with the team in the locker room after its victories in both the AFC championship game and the Super Bowl.

And, lastly but perhaps most importantly, Phelps' love life has not lost a beat.

Less than two months after he broke up with his previous model/waitress girlfriend, Phelps is now dating another gorgeous model/waitress. This time it's 22-year-old Southern California native Sarah Herndon.

According to the Daily Mail, the two met just before Christmas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They started dating soon thereafter, and they have even traveled together to the Bahamas.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Herndon couldn't help but gush about Phelps.

"Michael's a good kisser," she said. "He's very cuddly and kissy, which is cute. He's charming and a gentleman. He’s got like a confident side to him to that makes you want more. But he’s very sweet at the same time."

Phelps has not commented about the relationship.

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