If you're not competing in the Olympics but looking to bring home some gold anyway, here's your chance.

Various British betting houses are accepting tens of thousands of wagers on different occurrences at the games, including some zany ones with long odds. For example, the gambling house William Hill is offering 1,000-to-1 odds that a flying saucer will appear over the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremonies on Friday.

Or, if you'd like to play it safer, you can take 33-to-1 odds on London Mayor Boris Johnson accidentally lighting his hair on fire with the Olympic torch.

In all, the British gambling industry expects to take in about 100 million pounds ($155 million) in wagers. The most popular wager, the 100-meter dash, has already drawn a $15,500 bet at the gambling house Ladbrokes.

It'd be cool if a flying saucer was spotted during the opening ceremonies and you somehow won thousands of dollars. But let's be honest, it'd be pretty cool if a flying saucer was spotted at all (even if you didn't put money down). I'd take that any day of the week.

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