It's that time of year again.

Thanksgiving is over, and suddenly you've got more people to shop for than ideas or time.

Let us help. Everybody knows a fitness freak, or a runner who can't stop talking about her next race, or a cyclist who'd rather quit his job than drive to work, or a backpacker who's ticking off the days till spring ...

The point is, we've got a few ideas. See for yourself.

Holiday Gift Guide For Runners, Fitness Fanatics, Cyclists And Anyone Who Likes Cool Gear Slideshow


Rivé Glass Water Bottles

If your health fanatic friends haven't ditched their plastic bottles by now, then this holiday season is your chance to help them detoxify their hydration devices. Rive's water bottles are made of glass which means they’re BPA free. Plus, they come in three different sleek and sexy designs that make for a fitness-forward fashion statement perfect for any personality. $15-$20; -- Katie Rosenbrock


Ibex Woolies 150 Zip T-Neck

Staying warm while you work out in the winter doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it can be quite cozy and cute with pieces like this base layer made of superfine New Zealand Merino wool. Naturally odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, the quality material is complemented by flatlock seams, a tag-free label, and a luxurious feel -- all features that score major brownie points with the active crowd. $90; -- Katie Jackson


LifeProof Galaxy S4 Case

For the smartphone-equipped traveler whose activities involve water, dirt, snow, and more, this gift is worthy of a spot in the hero gift hall of fame. New for Galaxy S4 but also available for iPhones, this hardcore case guarantees that phones survive submersions of 6.6 feet deep and drops from as high as 6.6 feet. It keeps your phone totally sealed from the elements, but still totally touch screen compatible. $80; -- Katie Jackson


Silver Edge Antimicrobial Travel Bags

When it comes to sweat, silver trumps gold. These antimicrobial travel bags designed by a soccer mom in North Carolina are a must-have for travelers carrying around sweaty clothes in their suitcase. The silver in the material causes odor to stay in the bag and prevents the spread of bacteria. The skunk logo is "odor-able" and there are plenty of fun colors and custom-printed designs to choose from. $40; -- Katie Jackson


Freitag Moss & Roy Commuter Bags

Your precious cargo will be safe at hand in these stylish urban commuter bags made from recycled truck tarps and seatbelts. Swiss company Freitag has been turning this ultra-durable material into commuter gear since 1993, and because every upcycled tarp is different, every bag has a unique design. New for the season, the Moss (left, $260) and larger Roy (right, $310) both have padded pockets for laptops up to 15 inches -- the sleeve is removable in the Roy -- and plenty of storage. And if price is holding you back, just remember that these will stand up to years of abuse on the road -- after all, they already did. -- Mark Lebetkin


Moving Comfort Just Right Gloves

Every gift for the gadget-lover on your list doesn't have to be some sort of super impressive, state-of-the-art, device. The gizmos that assist those gadgets, like these touch-screen accessible gloves, make great gifts too. App-obsessed athletes love tracking their adventures with their phones, but they need to keep their hands heated too. The Just Right glove’s tech-tipped fingers make every app accessible while the moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating material continually keeps hands heated. $30; -- Katie Rosenbrock


Card Ninja

It's a common nuisance when running, cycling or going to the gym: carrying both your phone and the contents of your wallet -- minus the wallet. The Card Ninja, which combines the two, is an elegant solution. This slim adhesive mini-wallet sticks to almost any phone (or phone case) and can hold on tight to your ID, some credit cards and cash, so you don’t have to worry about where you're going to stash those things when you're on the move. $19.95; -- Mark Lebetkin


ColdAvenger Classic Fleece Mask

For the determined traveler who plans to stay and play outside as long as possible, this fleece mask features a patented, medical grade ventilator that allows normal breathing, keeps the face dry, and relaxes airways with warm and humidified air. Major warmth without the weight -- this is one must-have for any suitcase headed for snowy, cold climates. $50; -- Katie Jackson


Topeak Road Morph G Pump

In theory, any old mini pump will get you aired up and back on the road, but in practice most pump designs call for a whole lot of monkeying around, and many won't reach the high pressure needed by road bikes. It's not hard to long for a floor pump in these situations -- and that's where the Topeak Road Morph G comes in. The design brilliantly integrates the best aspects of a floor pump -- namely, it de-couples the pumping action from the crucial pump-head/valve-stem connection. It also retains the promise of a mini pump -- it's lightweight (220 grams) and portable (only 14-inches long). The Road Morph G’s flip-out base provides a stable pumping platform and the in-line gauges makes it easy to read your pressure rating -- all the way to 160 PSI. $45; -- Chris Lesser


Core Concepts January Jacket

Core Concepts describes their January Jacket as "always appropriate," which we think is extremely accurate given it's the perfect mix between stylish and sporty. Its chic shape with classic lines was inspired by the infamous but always well-dressed Mad Men character Betty Draper. She wouldn't be caught dead outside the confines of her quaint suburban neighborhood, but for the fashion-forward adventurer in your life the coat also features a wind- and waterproof shell, a brushed fleece inner lining, and a zip front with magnetic over-closure. $189; -- Katie Rosenbrock


Coleman Stainless Steel 12-Cup Coffee Percolator

You're a camper, not a cowboy. This stainless steel, easy-to-clean percolator makes enough black gold for the entire campsite and won't leave grounds in the bottom of your cup. $40; -- Mark Lebetkin


Osprey Ozone Convertible Luggage

The new Ozone series by Osprey is all about convenience without clutter and efficiency without excess. It has a lightweight design and a handful of practical features that makes it perfect for the avid and active traveler in your life. Its most notable features: a backpack-style carrying harness (accessible through a removable back panel mesh cover) and a zip-off daypack. $329; -- Katie Rosenbrock


Pony Bracelets

Leave it to a 14-year-old to redesign the simple hair tie and transform it into a fashion statement. These stylish ponytails are a dual-purpose accessory that any woman with long hair will want to have when she’s flying on the red eye or just needing to tame her flyaways during spin class. Of course, they look lovely when worn around the wrist, too. $5; -- Katie Jackson


Asics GT 2000-2

The newest shoe from Asics is a second take on the GT-2000 series and this time around it's designed for a lighter and even more comfortable ride. John Gilberston, elite runner and member of the Mammoth Track Club sports these neutral sneaks because he likes the lightweight but durable build and the responsive cushioning courtesy of Asics' FluidRide midsole technology. “With each stride I feel the cushion and I get that bounce back to propel me into my next step," says Gilberston. This sneak’s specs are almost endless and it's also available in a trail version, which means you can easily please the runner in your life, no matter what type of terrain they love to tackle. $120; -- Katie Rosenbrock


Brooks Nightlife Socks

Socks are a traditional go-to gift, but these sophisticated socks from Brooks Running are too cool to call classic. Moisture wicking means they'll dry fast and are the perfect pair to pack for a trip. Because they come from the Nightlife line, they're highly visible and perfect for a late-night run following a day spent at the museums. $14; -- Katie Jackson


The North Face 3-in-1 Tri-Climate Sephari Jacket

Every kind of explorer will adore this adaptable jacket from The North Face. Removable Heatseeker insulation allows its wearer to regulate warmth to the desired level and a breathable but waterproof HyVent outer layer makes it an ideal piece of outerwear for any kind of activity. A few other sweet specs include a removable hood, pit-zips, two zipper pockets, an internal media pocket, a secure Napoleon pocket, a hem cinch-cord, and a brushed collar. $240; -- Katie Rosenbrock


Everest: The West Ridge, Anniversary Edition Two weeks after Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit the world’s highest peak, a less celebrated but no less daring team arrived at the top of the world by a different route, the West Ridge—and almost didn’t make it back down. In this expanded National Outdoor Book Award-winning reissue of a true-adventure classic, author Thomas Hornbein recounts that brutal experience, during which he and his partner Willi Unsoeld were forced to spend the night at 28,000 feet in the open air. Spoiler: not all toes survived. $30; The Mountaineers Books -- Mark Lebetkin


Harbinger Women's and Men's Pro Gloves

Lifting weights isn't easy, and not just because they're heavy. Rough metal gym equipment leaves unprotected hands coarse and calloused, but durable foam-padded gloves like these provide protection and comfort. Plus, they’re great for outside the gym, too. One reviewer wrote that they even held up through a Tough Mudder obstacle course race. $15 (w)/$17 (m); -- Katie Rosenbrock


MyTopo Custom Map

Everyone who loves the outdoors has a favorite place: it could be a national park, remote seashore or backyard. It's also no secret that maps can make great wall art. The good people at myTopo made the connection, and offer their custom-printed maps as glossy posters. Search by GPS coordinates or keyword for anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, and start customizing: adjust the scale (1:10,000 to 1:50,000), size (18”x24” to 5’x8’), overlays (including boundaries, grids, etc.), and whether you want a topo map, aerial photo, hi-res satellite image, or topo-photo hybrid. Prices range from $10 for the smallest topo map to $300 for a supersized satellite image. A still-jumbo 36”x48” topo map with relief shading starts at $30. -- Mark Lebetkin


Opedix KNEE-Tec Tight

Here's a high-tech piece of gear disguised as active wear. Perfect for runners who log many miles, the KNEE-Tec tight from Opedix features the brand’s patented technology which is designed to enhance performance by supporting joint motion. The tights are touted for their ability to minimize fatigue, equalize joint loading, and improve dynamic stability during movement. Science even says that these premium pants provide enough joint support to realign the body's kinetic chain. $225; -- Katie Rosenbrock


GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist Ultralight Cookset

This ingenious nesting cookset for two weighs in at only 22 ounces, making it a perfect fit for backpackers or car campers who like to keep things compact and light. It's a kitchen in a pot: the nonstick 1.8-liter pot has a strainer built into the lid, and it fits two squat, insulated 20-ounce mugs with sipping lids to prevent spillage, two bowls, and two telescoping sporks (which are inexplicably called "foons"). The carrying bag doubles as a camp sink. All that's missing are your folding camp stove, fuel canister and spices. Lucky for you, they fit inside, too. $65; -- Mark Lebetkin


Max Mirani Luggage

For the adventurer constantly on the go who hates unpacking and repacking -- or is just too busy to bother -- this 2-in-1 carry-on will do the trick. Folded clothes are neat and accessible via the clever shelf feature, and a removable shoe and laundry bag is great for storing tennis shoes and sweaty clothes when there’s no time for a wash after working out. Bonus points because it comes with a lifetime warranty. $379; -- Katie Jackson


Rite in the Rain Pocket Notebook and All-Weather Pen

From John Muir to Jon Krakauer, all manner of writer has been drawn to the outdoors. But you don’t have to be a member of the literati to scribble down your observations while on the trail; and with this 4"x6", 100-page notebook and all-weather pen -- it writes on wet paper and at extreme temperatures -- you don’t have to worry about your musings washing away in that unexpected rain storm. Comes in a cordura zip-up pouch. $29.25; -- Mark Lebetkin


UCO Arka Lantern

This cleverly designed lantern by Redmond, Wash.-based UCO will do more than just light up your campsite: it collapses down into a flashlight and can charge your phone, too. Its USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery can charge an iPhone once and still have enough juice left over to stay lit on the low setting for up to 25 hours. $70; -- Mark Lebetkin


Scrubba Wash Bag

Billed as the world's first pocket-sized washing machine, this travel- and trekking-friendly bag has a flexible internal washboard and can complete a small load of laundry -- about two days worth of summer clothes—in 5 to 6 minutes with only about a gallon of water. $65;


SteriPEN Ultra

Whether you're backpacking or traveling overseas, nothing will ruin your trip faster than GI distress brought on by drinking contaminated water, which is why it’s always a good idea to carry your own purification system. The USB-rechargeable SteriPEN Ultra uses UV light to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, protozoa and even viruses. It takes only 45 seconds to sterilize a pint of water, and can perform about 40 treatments per charge. The user-friendly Ultra is designed to fit in almost any container, including store-bought water bottles, and has an unambiguous smiley-face indicator to signal a successful treatment -- no more guesswork. $100; -- Mark Lebetkin

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