Three years ago, producers at Starz asked Men's Health to create a workout worthy of the name Spartacus, the network's hit original series. With the help of Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., an Ironman triathlete and 2012 personal trainer of the year, we did just that -- and it became the most popular workout in Men's Health history. Now we've made it even better. Cosgrove's newest version of the Spartacus Workout is called, appropriately, The New Spartacus Workout.

Below you'll find one of the workouts in the plan, the Triple Set Scorcher. It uses triple sets to fire up your metabolism and melt flab at a blistering pace. So prepare to sizzle and chisel: We're about to turn up the heat on your body fat.

 Perform the following workout 3 days a week with a day of rest between each session. For each exercise, you’ll do as many reps as you can in 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest. Start with Triple Set 1, performing 1 set of each exercise in succession. Rest for 60 seconds after you complete all three exercises in the triple set, and do them all a second time. Next, repeat the procedure for Triple Sets 2 and 3. 

Want to skyrocket your metabolism even higher? The Spartacus Workout is now available on DVD! You can get this workout and the never-before-seen Total Body Blitz in our exclusive two-disc set. Click here to buy it.

The final season, Spartacus: War of the Damned, premieres Jan.25, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET on Starz. Build the body you've always wanted in 4 weeks with The New Spartacus Workout, now on DVD.

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