It's that time of year again. Children are singing, families are coming together and snowmen are putting on some serious mass. Of course, it's not all mistletoe, eggnog and good cheer. There is some significant stress that comes with holiday shopping. Take a deep breath, relax, and see if you’re inspired by any of the ideas below.

Fitness-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide Slideshow


Foam Roller

If you know someone that works out regularly and complains about the wear and tear on his body, give them the gift of pain-free living with a foam roller. These cylindrical pads are a great alternative to traditional massage and promote myofascial release. Your friend will think of you highly as they’re rolling around on the floor. Who could ask for more?


TRX Suspension Trainer

If you belong to a commercial gym, you've no doubt seen people suspended from chin-up bars like a cross between a gymnast and a flying squirrel. For a fitness enthusiast, a TRX starter pack is truly a gasp-inducing gift. It’s mobile, straps onto a doorway, and is a great way to build a functional, fit body.


Pedal Desk

We've talked before about the consequences of too much sitting. It's bad for the back, adds inches to the waistline, and promotes other bad habits. If someone you know works at home or spends a lot of time in the office, surprise them with a compact pedal desk. They'll be thanking you for years.


Yoga Mat

If your friend or family member is into yoga or has at least mentioned it, a deluxe yoga mat makes a great present. They come in plenty of cool colors to choose from.



A kettlebell set will put a smile on any fitness lover’s face. If one of your friends has been mentioning how bored they’ve become with traditional workouts, jump start their fitness goals with these awesome alternatives to barbells and weights. Used by Russian athletes for years, kettlebells build awesome strength and unparalleled conditioning.


Barefoot Shoes

You've probably seen these around. Those funny looking shoes with wiggly toes. Though they look silly, barefoot trainer shoes allow for complete foot and toe mobility. Training barefoot has many advantages, and these trainer shoes are a great alternative for runners who don’t want to get their feet dirty.


Nike Fuelband

Have a friend who's a cardio fiend and always on the go? The Nike Fuelband is a sporty looking watch that monitors daily activities like walking, jogging, playing basketball, and dancing. You can sync it up to your computer to easily track progress.


Heavy Bag Kit

A great gift idea for your aggressive younger brother. Help him let off some steam with a cool heavy bag and gloves. After all, it's always good to have an MMA fighter in the family.



This one is for the extreme athlete in the family. It’s perfect for the burgeoning strongman or competitive football player. Though it may look like a futuristic farming tool, a prowler sled is a fantastic way to build explosive leg strength, not to mention frighten the old lady that lives down the street.


Reflective Vest

Does someone in your family like to do their running at night? With safety and comfort in mind, a reflective vest will keep them going long after the sun sets. It’s lightweight, comfy, and offers 360-degree visibility up to 1200 feet.

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