With all due respect to Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein, by most accounts, the 2012 Heisman Trophy will go to either Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M or Manti Te'o of Notre Dame.

In either case, history will be made. Manziel would be the first freshman to win it. Te'o would be the first defense-only player to win it.

But will the voting between the winner and runnerup be the closest in Heisman history?

Kari Chisholm, a political consultant who operates StiffArmTrophy.com, breaks down which years featured the tightest balloting, based on the percentage of possible voting points. For example, last year Robert Griffin III won by receiving 60.66 percent of the voting points possible for him. Andrew Luck finished second with 50.59 percent of the voting points possible for him. The differential was 10.07 percent, which put it in the middle of the pack historically.

The smallest margin was 1.01 percent. When did that happen? Check out the slideshow for the answer:

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