There are no shortage of adorable animal videos.

So to help you out, we've compiled the funniest, cutest and most heartwarming clips from the past year. Whether you like ducks that think they're dogs, or dogs that think they're humans, this slideshow -- with links -- is for you.

The Best Animal Moves Of 2012 Slideshow


Gorillas Meet A Caterpillar

It's always fun when two species interact, especially when they're as different as gorillas and caterpillars.


Mike Tyson And A Koala

If you thought Iron Mike was fearless, think again. During a trip to Australia, Tyson refused to touch a koala because, as he explained, "good animals go bad sometimes."


Dogs Playing Volleyball

A little late for the Olympics, but these two pooches would make good liberos.


Mudd Jumps On The Trampoline

An adorable dog named Mudd had the time of his life on his owner's trampoline.


A-maze-ing Gift

An Australian music video director created an extremely elaborate maze for his cat. And if cats could smile, this feline would be grinning from ear to ear.


Parkour Dog

This photo isn't sideways, the dog is. That's right, this is a pooch that practices Parkour.


Herding Dog Hits The Treadmill

This dog needed some exercise, and his owner was there to make sure he didn't cut corners on the treadmill.


Bike-Riding Dog

This Briard named Norman became a worldwide sensation when a clip of him riding a bike circulated around the internet.


Kitten vs. Rabbit

Put two of nature's cutest animals in the same space, and what do you get? The most adorable fight ever. Watch as this rabbit takes on a kitten.


A Bear-Sized Surprise

Just when you thought it was safe to walk and text, think again. This man walked outside his home to see what all the commotion was about, and before he knew it he became part of the story.


Duck As Dog

This Mallard loves playing fetch and was probably a dog in a past life.


Feline In The Fridge

A crafty cat got creative in opening the door to his owner's freezer. Unfortunately for him, there was a lock on the fish sticks.


A Man And His Dog

This heartwarming photo swept the nation in August. The image is of John Unger and his dog, Schoep. The canine has arthritis and has trouble falling asleep at home, so Unger brings him to nearby Lake Superior, where Schoep can rest peacefully.


Historic Hound

Layka, a Belgian Malinois, was recognized by the Air Force in October after her heroics in Afghanistan. She became the first dog to receive an honor from the 341st Training Squadron.


Dallas Gets Treated

Named after the legendary Redskins defensive tackle Dexter Manley, this dog is no fan of the Cowboys. He turned down a tasty treat simply because he associated it with Dallas.


Dozing Dog

Lastly, we couldn't leave out this sleeping Bulldog. Because there's nothing more adorable than watching a dog take a nap.

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