It's about time someone had a reason to use the acronym, "OMGJWIB." In other words, "Oh my God, just walked into bear."

That's what happened to Vaz Terdandenyan in La Crescenta, Calif., on Tuesday morning. After hearing the unusual sound of a helicopter flying above his neighborhood, Terdandenyan decided to take a stroll to find out what all the fuss was about. As he turned a corner, he thought he should text his boss to let him know he might be a few minutes late to work. Mid-text, he came face to face with the reason for all the commotion: a black bear taking a casual stroll.

A KLTA news helicopter was tracking the bear -- television gold at its finest -- when a reporter caught site of Terdandenyan. Luckily, he had recently trained for a marathon.

"I was in shape to run for my life," he told a KLTA reporter.

Good think the encounter was caught on live television, because most bosses would bearly believe such an excuse for tardiness.

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