What do Americans love to do on Halloween more than ingest copious amounts of miniature candy bars? Dress up like celebrities, of course. Celebrity athletes often provide the best costume inspiration. But what if you’re already a celebrity? Sigh! You have to get creative.

We're revisiting our popular costumes post from last year, where we showed you some of our favorite athletes all dolled for Halloween. So, grab your jack-o-lantern full of calories, and let's see a few more. After all, it's refreshing to see anyone dressed up as something other than a sexy [insert unsexy occupation here].

Best Athlete Halloween Costumes Slideshow


Most Flamboyant: Bill Belichick

Why, it's the Dread Pirate Patriot! Watch as he swashbuckles his way around the roller rink. Jack Sparrow, who?


Best Group: Boston Celtics

Last year, we showed you Paul Pierce as an adorable frog prince. Now, check out his entire Celtics posse. Rajon Rondo? You win with your nod to Tiger Woods.


Best Celeb Tribute: Rudy Gay

The Grizzlies small forward has MJ's moves down pat. Or maybe, judging from the photo, pat down is more like it?


Most Shameless: Dwight Howard

Back in his less-than-magical Orlando days of 2010, Howard donned this number. Two years later, he's certainly not homeless, even if Los Angeles wasn't his first choice.


Best Inside Joke: Jon Kitna

Remember that time Detroit Lions assistant coach Joe Cullen went on a Wendy's run in the buff? Well, if you don’t, the poor cashier certainly does, and Kitna added a little salt to the wound with his 2007 Halloween costume. His wife makes a great Wendy. You can almost hear her saying, “Would you like pants with that?”


Best Accidental Doppelganger: Joe Flacco

The Ravens QB got a special haircut to emulate The Situation from MTV's "Jersey Shore," but when he grew it out, did anyone else think he started to resemble The Voice's Adam Levine of Maroon 5 fame? No? It's just me? Fine.

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