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Usually you'll see Scott Norwood's missed kick and Jackie Smith's dropped pass in the end zone on the list on epic Super Bowl fails. Obviously the scrutiny is magnified in the Super Bowl, but those types of unfortunate plays happen all the time. In fact, the longest field goal that Norwood had kicked on grass at that point in his career was 41 yards. He was kicking from 47 at the end of Super Bowl XXV when his miss sealed the Giants' 20-19 win against the Bills. Heartbreaking for Buffalo fans? Yes. But not exactly the kind of kick that Norwood would have been expected to make, given his track record.

Then there were situations that didn't develop at the stadium during the course of the game, so neither Eugene Robinson's arrest nor Barret Robbins' disappearance to Tijuana will appear on our list.

But that still left us with plenty of material from strictly football matters to the surrounding festivities like the halftime show.

Super Bowl V: Colts Have 7 Turnovers -- Still Win

AP Super Bowl V

The Baltimore Colts committed seven turnovers -- most ever by a winning team -- and still beat Dallas 16-13 in Super Bowl V. Granted, the Cowboys turned over the ball four times on their own. But it's also worth noting that of the other 49 Super Bowl champions, the most turnovers committed by a winning team is three by the Steelers in both XIII and XIV, and the Indianapolis Colts in XLI.

Super Bowl VII: Garo Yepremian's Botched Pass

AP Super Bowl VII

Yepremian had some clutch kicks for the Dolphins during his time in Miami, but is most infamously known for his failed pass during Super Bowl VII, after the Redskins blocked his field-goal attempt. Yepremian managed to grab the loose ball, but it slipped from his hand as he reached back to pass. Then he compounded the issue by uppercutting the ball into the air. Redskins defensive back Mike Bass snagged it and ran for a touchdown. Luckily for Yepremian, the Dolphins still won 14-7, cementing a perfect season.

Super Bowl XXVI: Thurman Thomas' Helmet

AP Super Bowl XXVI

Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas had a ritual in which he placed his helmet at the 34-yard line of the field before every game (34 was also his number). The helmet was moved without his knowledge, to set up for the national anthem. Thomas then missed the first few plays of the game because he couldn't find the helmet. The Bills went on to lose to the Redskins 37-24.

Super Bowl XXVII: Leon Lett's Premature Celebration

AP Super Bowl XXVII: Leon Lett's Premature Celebration

Lett will never live this, or his Thanksgiving day mishap, down, but Lett was inches away from a fumble return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXVII when Don Beebe tracked him down and swatted the ball out of his hands for a touchback. This hustle play from Beebe was a small bit of solace for the Bills who lost 52-17.

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Janet's Wardrobe Malfunction

AP Super Bowl XXXVIII: Janet's Wardrobe Malfunction

It's as infamous as any Super Bowl moment now. During her halftime performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII, Jackson finished a number onstage with Justin Timberlake, who then stripped a piece of clothing off Jackson, revealing a mostly nude breast to a live worldwide audience. An FCC firestorm followed. Incidentally the game was terrific as the Patriots beat the Panthers 32-29.

Super Bowl XLV: Christina Aguilera Wrecks Anthem

AP Super Bowl XLV: Christina Aguilera Wrecks Anthem

Look, there's a lot of pressure on the Super Bowl singer performing the national anthem. So while we sympathize with how Aguilera must have felt after botching the words, it's a mistake you'll never live down if you mix up the words. That reality isn't fair, but it's inevitable. To her credit, Aguilera was embarrassed and apologized. On the bright side, the Black Eyed Peas were actually worse during the halftime show during the game between the Packers and Steelers in February 2011.

Super Bowl XLV: No Seats In Dallas

AP Super Bowl XLV: No Seats In Dallas

A section of temporary seating in Cowboys Stadium was deemed unsafe by the fire marshal before Super Bowl XLV, and that meant 1,250 people were without seats. The NFL scrambled to get 850 into the game, but 400 were left outside the stadium, and were offered various packages later as an apology.

Super Bowl XLVII: Lights Out

Getty Images Super Bowl XLVII: Lights Out

The Ravens' 34-31 win against the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII will forever be known for the lights going out early in the third quarter. With Baltimore ahead 28-6, the lights and scoreboard at the Superdome clicked off at 7:37 p.m. CT, thanks to a power surge. This caused a 34-minute delay, and when play resumed, the 49ers staged a memorable comeback to provide a thrilling finish to what had been shaping up to be a blowout.

Super Bowl XLVI: M.I.A. Flips Middle Finger

Getty Images Super Bowl XLVI: M.I.A. Flips Middle Finger

Rapper M.I.A. flipped her middle finger while appearing as part of Madonna's halftime act at the Giants-Patriots game in February 2012. The NFL filed a $1.5 million claim against M.I.A., whose real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam. After the case lingered for two years, the NFL sought additional $15.1 million in damages. A confidential settlement resolved the matter.

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