After more than three years at Yahoo! Sports, I can tell you just about anything you need to know about college basketball.

And hot wings.

I can hold my own in a conversation about the Bowl Championship Series, but I’m even better when it comes to barbeque. Week after week, readers request opinions on All-American candidates, coaching vacancies and NCAA tournament bubble teams.

But just as many ask me to list my Top 10 burger joints and sandwich shops.

Consider it done.

Because I’m on the road almost constantly, it would be selfish not to offer my impressions of some of the fine – and not so fine – establishments I visit as well as telling stories about the folks I meet along the way.

Whether it’s a plea for dining advice in New York City, pictures and a review of the massive burrito I took down in San Diego or a travel log of my visit to Austin, you’ll be hearing from me multiple times throughout the week.

If you’re lucky, I may even throw in a video interview with a spunky waitress from South Beach or a Q-and-A with my favorite bartender. It all depends on the demand. As much as this blog is about me, it’s also about you.

As big of a presence as food will have, “King of the Road” won’t be limited to the kitchen. I spend quite a bit of time in Las Vegas each year – and even more time thinking about it – so there will be plenty discussions about the nightlife and pool scene in Sin City. I’ll give you an intimate look into March Madness by blogging about the people, events and goings-on at the NCAA tournament. And don’t be surprised if I end up at the pro wrestling fanfest this summer in Atlanta.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to read about the Million Dollar Man and Kamala?

A few things you should know: I live in Kansas City but grew up in Dallas. I’m proud to be a native Texan. I prefer burgers shacks, taco stands and Miller Lite over sushi, salmon and wine. Most times I’m just as content at Texas Roadhouse as I am at Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris.

Considering I’ve actually judged contests, I’ve also deemed myself connoisseur of hot wings. Still haven’t found any better than the ones at the Watering Hole in Lincoln, Nebraska.

My heroes are Nolan Ryan and Adam Richman and, other than Man vs. Food, my favorite TV shows are Friday Night Lights and Kendra. I grew up watching as much old school wrestling as I did the Dallas Cowboys, so I was just as big of a fan of Bruiser Brody and the Fabulous Freebirds as I was of Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys.

I’m also big on exercise, sports bars and Chevy Chase, so you’ll understand why I measure myself with other golfers by height.

With that, I hope you enjoy traveling with the King of the Road. This column is for you, so feedback and suggestions are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Feel free to let me know if I’m steering off course. I can always change direction.