1. Someone Like Vernon Davis and Joe Staley

In anticipation for this weekend's game, an amazing video of Vernon Davis and Joe Staley singing Adele has resurfaced. And good thing it has. Unless you're a Giants fan, it's going to be extremely hard for you to root against the 49ers after watching this video -- especially with Vernon's emotion-laced rendition of the chorus. Excuse me, Mr. E. Manning, we're waitin' on you to showcase your skills on "Rolling In The Deep ..."

2. Niners In Paris

Here comes NFL Championship Weekend ... and here come the accompanying musical parodies. First up: Niners in Paris! (That's right, the mixture of the 49ers and popular music doesn't stop with Davis and Staley's moving rendition of Adele). Aaaand now I'm just going to be singing this all day long. "That Smith Cray!!!!!"

4. Open Casting Call for Kevin Durant's Movie

Ever wanted to be in a movie and/or chill with Kevin Durant? This may just be your lucky day. There are still some roles to be filled in Durant's new movie, including one that involves the dream role of a "Security Guard That Yells At Brian." Start practicing, you guys. This movie sounds awesome, although I'm a bit wary that any basketball movie could ever measure up to the greatness of Space Jam.

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