1. Soccer Fan Beatdown

The goalie in a Dutch soccer match puts the boots to this attacking fan. And he gets a red card for his trouble.

2. Precision Shooting

During a recent Federal Hockey League game in Massena, N.Y., 59-year-old Brenda Hewitt proved that it doesn't have to be the Olympics for there to be a miracle on ice, when she hit a shot from the far blue line to win a brand new Ford F-150.Hewitt, who until now had never even held a hockey stick, slid the puck perfectly, 114 feet across the ice, into a hole basically the size of the puck.

3. The Kardashian Effect

According to Forbes.com, Kris Humphries is officially the most disliked player in the NBA, and if his first preseason game against the Knicks was any indication, Humphries is in for a rough year. He was greeted by a LeBron-going-back-to-Cleveland-esque chorus of boos every time he checked into the game or touched the ball.

4. Lob City Roundup

SBNation.com has put together a roundup of some of the spectacular, Lob City throwdowns from the recent Lakers-Clippers preseason game. With all this CP3 and Blake Griffin excitement, and with Kobe Bryant's wrist injury, it appears the Clippers are finally serious contenders to take over Los Angeles basketball.

5. NMA On Kobe's Divorce

Despite sticking with him through his 2003 rape charges, Vanessa Bryant has officially filed for divorce, just days before the beginning of the shortened NBA season. And as with any crazy sports story, Next Media Animation is here to make sure you have the story straight.

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