1. They Love This Game

Jordan Brand's new commercial shows Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmello Anthony playing basketball whenever and wherever they can -- from an under-40's Jewish league to a meet-up in China -- simply because they, "Love the Game, No Matter What." What the commercial doesn't explicitly say is, "watch this two-minute clip of your favorite players, because it's your only chance to see them this year."

2. Oscar-Worthy Performance

Mike Tyson, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather star in a commercial for Street King, a new energy drink in the vein of 5-Hour Energy and Worx Energy. The spot is a re-make of a classic scene from "The Hangover," and Tyson's acting is Oscar-worthy.

3. Cuban Croons

Despite the NBA lockout, Mark Cuban is still riding high as the owner of the defending champion Dallas Mavericks. How do I figure, you ask? Watch as he belts out Prince's "Purple Rain" at a local karaoke bar.

4. PTI's 10-Year Anniversary

Celebrate a decade of PTI with this YouTube compilation of some of its funniest opening segments. It's hard to believe that PTI has been on the air for 10 years, but they are still going stronger than ever. At least when Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon are both present.

5. He's No Pee-Wee

Talk about a stiff arm. The monstrous Pee-Wee running back for the Shamokin Indians murders the regularly-sized Potsville defender. Ouch.

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