1. Mr. Cranky Pants

Ryan Harrison, 19, has been labeled as the future of American tennis. However, his demeanor during a first-round loss at the U.S. Open on Monday looked reminiscent of a past American superstar. Actually, more like John McEnroe on steroids.

2. Lord Stanley's New Dent

The Stanley Cup is one of the world's most sacred objects and can only be touched by those select few players who have achieved hockey's ultimate goal. Unfortunately, we can't trust every one of its keepers. Michael Ryder let the trophy tumble off a table in his hometown of St. John's, Newfoundland. Keep in mind the Bruins chose not to sign Ryder after winning the cup ...

4. Summer Of Streetball Continues

LeBron, Carmelo, CP3, Durant and their locked-out NBA friends played in a 149-141 thriller at the Morgan State University Gym in Baltimore. Tickets were sold between $40 and $100. When you start to think finances, could a legitimate streetball league overtake the NBA during a lockout? What would you pay more to watch: A streetball game with the previously mentioned stars or a Timberwolves-Raptors game? And there would be no owners or executives to be paid.

5. PGs On The Mic

Steve Nash as Eminem? Chris Paul as Kanye West? Tony Parker as Jay-Z? See the top 10 NBA point guards matched with their compatible hip-hop artist.

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