1. Roll Tide

This is not a museum of Alabama football. This is not Hell on Earth for Auburn fans (actually, it probably is). This is Vince Gilham's man cave and you must bow down. Vince won The Birmingham News' Ultimate Man Cave contest - I don't know either - and for good reason.

2. Pumped Up

Somebody out there has had to have always aspired to fist pump like Lleyton Hewitt. Somebody. Look at that extension. Kudos to ESPN for a creative post on tennis celebrations.

3. Bye Bye Week

While the rest of the Bengals spend their off week 7 cursing Carson Palmer from the comfort of their homes, Cedric Benson will be in a cell. Money really does make the world go 'round. I'm going to try to schedule my jail time during days off next time I punch a bouncer in the face.

4. Streaking Shock

None of the Tulsa Shock is getting naked. At least not for me. But celebration is in order for the ladies of Oklahoma's WNBA squad after they've ended their 20-game losing streak with a pair of W's. Now they'll at least make the WNBA lottery interesting. *Aside* Do they rig that one too?

5. Mind Games

Chester Taylor is part of a crowded Bears backfield and, despite making like $7 million last year, his release wouldn't be a shocker. Shocking is the fact that Jerry Angelo and the rest of the management wants to mess around with Taylor for a little before they cut him loose.

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