1. Can Chad Crash At Your Place?

An average press conference becomes Chadified when he mentions that he would like to stay with a fan as he gets acclimated to New England. And if you are worried that Ochocinco might be high maintenance, he evidently only needs Internet access and an Xbox. Ochocinco is definitely not going to be just another quiet Patriot, that's for sure.

2. Aaron Rodgers Does His Best AI Impersonation

The impersonation would have been better without the smile or the awkward pauses, but Aaron Rodgers still did an excellent job of dodging the question with humor. Thanks to him, you now have a legitimate reason to watch the infamous Allen Iverson clip one more time.

3. Hot Guys Doing Horoscopes With Baron Davis

It's hard to make Baron Davis' most recent YouTube appearance sound more ridiculous than the video's title does. Rarely does a video include astrology, paper basketball and Davis. When it does, you've got to watch it.

4. Rex Grossman Is Overweight And He Knows It

Grossman may think his team is absolutely perfect, but at least he is capable of seeing his own faults. Those extra pounds are going to be extra uncomfortable under the pressure he has put on himself by predicting that his Redskins will win the NFC East.

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