1. One Man's Trash Is A Rays' Baseball

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Shawn Rodriguez incited a scuffle that led to one fan being ejected from the park when he laced a foul ball directly into a garbage can in the stands. No one could even fish the ball out of the trash after Rays' security demanded that the ball be left in the can, so that baseball is garbage.

2. Getting In On The Action

A Jacksonville Sharks fan got directly involved in an Arena Football League game when he grabbed the body and face mask of a Georgia Force player from the stands after a kickoff. The refs issued a penalty and the Force got the ball at the 20, and now the fan can forever say that he got a penalty in an AFL game.

3. One Tough Lady

A 98-year-old woman, Sensei Keiko Fukuda of San Francisco was promoted to a 10th degree black belt, the highest possible level in judo. She is the fourth person ever, and first woman, to reach that level. That's one old lady you shouldn't mess with.

4. Back To School

Kevin Love, Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza and Russell Westbrook are spending their time during the NBA lockout taking summer classes at UCLA. Love tweeted a picture of the group. Maybe they can figure out a way to become eligible for the school basketball team again.

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