1. Even Compassion Is Bigger In Texas

With their second-to-last pick in this year's MLB Draft, the Rangers argued that winning might not be everything after all. At the same time, they showed how practically unimportant 33rd-round picks are by basically wasting one on this nice story. The cynic will probably say that the pick was made solely based on Taylor's potential to help former and future teammate Zack Cone impact the bottom line in a positive way.

2. That's Just Foul

For every foul ball catch highlight that makes the news, there are several of these absolute failures. To recap, the man picks his child up, drops her, and then, after all of that, doesn't even catch the ball. That must have been an interminably long drive home for him.

3. Deja Feud

Going retro, we now would like to turn your attention to the rekindling of a 20-year-old rivalry. If the Ultimate Warrior wanted a rematch, he'll get it. Except this time, it will be in court as Hulk Hogan vowed to sue in response to the Warrior's public comments.

4. Finger Food

After Vancouver's Alexandre Burrows bit Patrice Bergeron's fingers, Bergeron's Bruins retaliated with a healthy dose of taunting as well as eight goals. But Burrows had to know that Boston wasn't going to let this opportunity for motivation slip through their fingers. Now my fingers are crossed that the two teams return to clean hockey and no player lifts another finger to do something dirty.

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