1. Winning Doesn't Solve Everything

Zdeno Chara may have just won the Stanley Cup, but the Montreal Police don't seem to care. They still are considering pressing charges for a March 8 hit by Chara that put victim Max Pacioretty on a stretcher. Maybe this is just an example of one Canadian city trying to get revenge for another after Vancouver fell to the Bruins.

2. The Most Revolting Baseball Routine

If you thought Big Papi spitting on his gloved hands was gross, I'd recommend averting your eyes from this clip. Still you can't argue with the results.

3. Is Dwyane Wade Over The Finals Loss?

D-Wade showed no discomfort taking a photo with someone holding a Mavs cap. Granted, the someone was Kanye West and the hat was tricked out. But still, I think it's too soon.

4. Dirk Immortalized In Legos

After winning his first NBA championship, Dirk Nowitzki has finally earned the highest honor a 21st century celebrity can receive: A Lego statue of himself. Fortunately, it didn't take long to get one in Dallas because the statue had already been created in Germany, where Nowitzki was a superstar long before he hoisted the O'Brien Trophy.

5. The Hard Life Of A Locked Out NFLer

DeSean Jackson is clearly having a tough time as labor negotiations drag on. If the lockout lasts much longer, we may see another payer looking for a second job or filing for bankruptcy unless Jackson can find a hobby besides bar-hopping.

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