1. Off-season Workout

Vikings DE Ray Edwards just won his first boxing match. Congrats. In case the NFL loses games to the lockout, Edwards will be busy. Busy fighting freakin' Kimbo Slice. Good lord.

2. Heated Fans

Not only did Heat fans get to Joakim Noah, but the Chuckster as well. There's only so much verbal abuse you can take from a grown man in Ugg boots.

4. Like A Good Tweeter

Tony Allen's season is over, but there's no off-season on Twitter. Allen got rear-ended by ... I'll call her a seasoned veteran. He tweeted the entire ordeal for the world to see.

5. Jose Gone Gaga

Jose Canseco is a very strange man. This Charlie Sheen-esque series of tweets about the great Lady Gaga has reminded us of that.