1. Tribute To Robert "Tractor" Traylor

Robert Traylor had many memorable moments on the basketball court before dying of an apparent heart attack Wednesday. This video does a good job documenting several of them.

2. Hungry For The Spotlight

As pro football players continue to find ways to cope with their boredom, Darrelle Revis has come up with a solution. I'm not sure whether to be intrigued or disgusted by the fact that he already has made "private videos."

3. What Kobe Wanted To Say

Kobe Bryant had a series of very reserved press conferences, but FunnyorDie thinks they know what the Black Mamba wanted to say after each game. Am I the only one who would love to see Kobe actually coach next year?

4. An Odd Pairing

It looks like Favre is still trying to find a way to impact the NFL even if it doesn't involve coming back. In related news, No. 1 overall pick Cam Newton is considering retiring and/or demanding a trade, preferably to the rival Falcons.

5. Phil Jackson Is Overrated

Don't take my word for it, take Scot Pollard's. The former NBA journeyman didn't pull any punches while criticizing the Zen Master over local radio waves following Jackson's last game on the bench (for now).