1.Celebrate, Cleveland!

After decades of torment, Peyton Hillis has finally given Cleveland fans something to be proud about. Now he will help sports thinkers everywhere answer the question: what happens when a team is burdened with two curses?

3. Great Hockey Isn't New

If you need your hockey fix on an off day in the NHL playoffs, here it is.
After a seemingly endless string of consecutive nights, don't let yourself get caught up in the moment and forget about some of these past playoff feats.

4. Chris Paul's Personal Top 10

As evidenced by this catalog of highlights, Chris Paul has had a number of incredible moments before regaining a piece of the national spotlight against the Lakers. Even if he doesn't vanquish LA, CP3 deserves more recognition than he gets in New Orleans. Maybe the next set of highlights will show him in a Knicks uniform.

5. Not Just Another Mock Draft

As the draft nears, The Onion joins the growing number of "analysts" publishing their draft predictions. The scary part is that these satirists are just as likely to be right as any expert out there.