1. Roy, Rory, Same Guy?

Rory McIlroy's collapse on Sunday at the Masters was tough to stomach. It was very reminiscent of another Rory ... errr ... Roy that took the golf world by storm once upon a time.

2. Quake Skating

Skateboarders are eternal optimists, and there's evidence in this video. When life hands you an earthquake, make it a skate park.

3. Chipper and Chips

Is Chipper Jones a legitimate Hall of Fame candidate? Ryan Braun thinks so, but why he had to drag Prince Fielder's affinity for salty snacks into the conversation is unclear.

5. The Tiger Strikes Back

In the battle for golfing superiority at Augusta, one must channel a number of skills and harness a focus that pushes the rest of the field back. The Force, if you will. Basically, what the BBC is saying is that if the Masters was Star Wars, Tiger would be a Sith lord. Sounds about right.