1. Notorious Nets Fan

In a mere 24 hours, this Nets fan has found himself all over highlight shows. And why not? No Nets fan has looked this excited since the Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin days.

2. Fantasy Team Name Generator

Ever sit down to come up with the perfect name for your fantasy team, and just run into dead ends? The crew at Razzball is here to help. The first name this generator came up with for us? Hyperventilating Fo' Cheezies.

4. Maple Leaf Misery

A hard-hitting investigative reporter (read: die hard Leafs fan) set out to find out why Toronto hockey fans insist on torturing themselves. He doesn't really get an answer, but if we're guessing from these ridiculously awesome interviews, the fans and the team sort of deserve each other.

5. Blind Brackets

What do the RPI, seed and style of play really have to do with who wins in March? Here's some blind brackets that don't give you a team name, and make you work with the rest.

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