1. So You Think You Can Suplex?

We’re not even sure what’s going on in this wrestling ring. It looks like a really poorly executed bedroom spell, but instead, seems to turn other wrestlers into dazed drunks. Say what you want about the move, but short of shooting your opponent, nothing is illegal in wrestling.

2. More like Boo-ber

It’s not funny because it’s Bieber. (OK, maybe it is a little.) It’s more funn that Knicks fans when out of their way to boo him. Tom Brady would get a less frosty reception. Well, except when he’s got a Bieber cut.

3. Fear the beard(s)

Coolest. Shirts. Ever. Nike’s Cooperstown Heritage collection has outdone itself this time. We’re a little disappointed that Oscar Gamble didn’t get the nod, though.

5. Utah teapot

He goes by the name Wild Bill and he dressed like a teapot for Utah State’s win over Nevada. That’s good enough to sell you, right? Good.