1. Super Bowl XLV, The Madden Sim

Last year, EA Sports predicted the Saints would win the Super Bowl with its official simulation of the showdown. This year, the game is putting its record on the line with another prediction. Look away, Wisconsin!

2. Super Bowl XLV, The Movie

Who would play who if this year’s Super Bowl was a movie? Omar Epps as Mike Tomlin is too easy. Ving Rhames as James Harrison is perfect. Could you imagine Harrison in a press conference responding to questions about his dirty hits with, “You feel that sting, big boy, huh? That’s pride, bleepin’ with you!...”

3. Infloption

Flopping in any sport is high comedy. Raja Bell and Manu Ginobli’s epic dual flop was worthy of an Inception homage. Ginobli’s flailing leg kick is a nice touch.

4. Diamond of the desert

Move over Happy Valley and the Big House. Texas’ Godzillatron? UNLV is not impressed. The university is dreaming up a multipurpose stadium that will be unrivaled across the country.

5. Sacre bleu!

Sure, we’ve spent centuries making fun of the French here in America, but you have to hand it to them here. This is one of the best closing sequences to a basketball game you’ll ever see.