1. Melo-Drama

It was no secret that Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks wanted to be together. As nauseating as the courtship was to follow, this commercial sort of makes it charming. You know, if you don't loathe New York sports teams. If you do, it's still completely nauseating. Maybe more so.

2. Perk out of Perkins

The Celtic players were bitter that Kendrick Perkins was traded to Oklahoma City at the trade deadline. This photo is evidence that Perkins wasn't too thrilled, either.

3. Two, four, six, eight ...

Who do the Louisville Cardinals basketball players appreciate? Not this cheerleader, who ran on to the court a bit early and nearly cost the team a technical.

4. Where Durant Happens

Whoever is putting together the "Where Amazing Happens" commercials for the NBA continues to kill it, this time tweaking old footage from Kevin Durant's high school days and predicting the future.

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