1. "Pennant" Winner

Ever get into an argument with your buddy about that Robin Ventura at-bat in the fourth inning during Game 71 of the 1993 White Sox season? . Of course you have. Knowing this, programmer Steve Varga created “Pennant,” the baseball app to end all baseball apps. Sixty years of team-by-team statistical analysis. Down to the at-bat. Seriously.

2. RIP Escalade Jackson

Troy "Escalade" Jackson, NYC streetball veteran and brother of NBA great Mark Jackson, has passed.
I got the chance to see him play live during his run with the And 1 Tour. Never seen a man that big with such good footwork. He dunked too, at 360-plus pounds. RIP.

3. To The Rescue!

I swear I remember Rafael Furcal being labeled a hothead or a clubhouse cancer after he left the Braves for LA.
I’ll believe what’s proven over the rumors, though. Furcal’s a good guy in my book. He demanded a brand new fire truck be included in his contract and sent to his hometown in the Dominican Republic.

4. Someone who needs a boost ...

Remember Rashad McCants? Helped lead UNC to a national title, then occasionally helped lead stretches for the T-Wolves? Well, I do, which is why this clip of his TV pilot “The Booster Club” is so hilarious intriguing.

5. Love, Bite

Looks like the league’s leading rebounder can corral a lot more than just a basketball. Stevie Wonder could probably see that hickey from his courtside seat.