1. Super Bowls, Super Budgets

In about three minutes, you’ll know as much about every single Super Bowl ticket as those four old guys on TV that have been to every game. Ever wonder why you don’t like those guys? It’s probably (as you’ll discover) because the average household income of attendees is $222,318.

3. Top 10 memorable sports speeches

It’s an absolute crime that Valvano and Gehrig don’t rank higher on this list. Actually, it’s a crime that Al Pacino, playing a fictional coach in a glorified soap opera of a movie, ranks higher than both Valvano and Gehrig.

4. A real Knokk-out

Say you have a problem. You like billiards. You like bowling. But you just hate picking between the two when you want to raise cain with the boys after a night of dancing the Charleston. Well sir, your dilemma is solved. Now you’ll have more time to uncover the other great mysteries of the universe. After a game or two, of course.