1. Ready ... set ... splat!

There are many things that should be on your checklist before starting a downhill BMX race. It should include making sure your tire pressure is optimal, your helmet is strapped on correctly and that the gate is down.

2. Not even Harry Potter could ride this

Ever wonder how you could ride something that is simultaneously dumber and cooler than a unicycle? Of course you have. This seems like a terrible idea, but we have no doubt that won’t stop Harry Potter fanatics from hopping on shortly before heading to the emergency room.

4. Les Miles’ Michigan application leaked?

The only thing missing from this application is any notable skills the applicant may possess. Sure, Miles’ can’t manage a clock, but he eats grass and has a cool nickname. When the Mad Hatter comes calling, you ignore clock management, not turn into the White Rabbit with a pocket watch.

5. Breaking barriers

Sure, you look at a video like this and just chalk it up to a foreign country not being able to handle crowds that want to see Ronaldinho. Little do you know, they got this idea from the crowds in Philadelphia rushing into Citizens Bank Ballpark for Cliff Lee’s introductory press conference.