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Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette is in good shape. The former LSU running back went fourth overall in Thursday night's NFL Draft to the Jaguars. By Friday morning, he'll be in Jacksonville, ready to start complementing a passing game that includes Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns.

One could argue Fournette "won" the draft process, going at No. 4, higher than many mock drafts slotted him. A week ago, the Wonderlic Test scores of certain running backs, including Fournette, were leaked. Fournette and Dalvin Cook, two of the highest-rated running backs, had the lowest leaked scores of 11 out of 50.

Fournette says his score did not phase him, mostly because he, and in his mind, other prospects, did not put in their full effort.

"Nobody really answered it," Fournette said Thursday afternoon on ThePostGame Podcast, hours before getting drafted. "They give you 10 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. That's crazy. I probably answered five or ten or 15 of them. After that, I stopped."

Did he take the test seriously? "Nah, not really."

In a way, the Wonderlic Test is like a standardized state grade school test. The test is a single exam without a study guide. In Fournette's case, he laughs at any one who questions his intelligence after the pre-draft exam. His LSU degree speaks for itself.

"People are gonna think whatever they want to think," Fournette says. "If I wasn't as smart as I am, I wouldn't be graduating from college in three years. But it is what it is."

Hmmm. That's something for NFL scouts to chew on.

At LSU, Fournette played for two head coaches. Les Miles recruited him but was fired during Fournette's junior season this past year. Ed Orgeron, who recruited Fournette for USC, took over and contributed what he could to Fournette's draft stock.

"I knew Coach O way before I knew Coach Miles," Fournette. "He recruited me at USC. He told me one day he was gonna coach me and it ended up being my last year at LSU. It's crazy how things work, but most definitely I'm sad, man. Coach Miles is a great coach. He's an even better man. I love being around Coach Miles."

After LSU's season -- with Fournette opting not to play in the Tigers' bowl game -- Fournette signed with Roc Nation Sports. Although part of that deal means he gets access to Jay Z, Fournette says he has not met HOVA in person yet. They have talked "many times" on the phone.

"If my momma approve of you, you're good," Fournette says.

Even more impressive, Fournette feels Jay Z has knowledge of the game.

"He read about me in college," Fournette says. "He looked me up. He's a wonderful dude."

Fournette spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of MET-Rx, one of his new sponsors. Fournette says the brand has supplied his entire family with the nutritional supplements, which they use when working out, or as Fournette says, "try to work out."

He was featured in MET-Rx's recent ad, leading up to the NFL Draft:

Fournette's journey, which started in New Orleans and went to Baton Rouge for three years, now heads to Jacksonville, where he looks to turnaround a franchise that has not made the postseason since 2007.

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