Mike Higgins and his wife, Janet, are avid walkers. The couple, from Shropshire, England, received a pedometer from their daughter four years ago, and they've put it to good use.

Recently, Mike, 61, and Janet, 65, decided that instead of walking around their home in England, they wanted to see just how far their legs could take them. So the pair went on an incredible journey, walking all the way from Shropshire to Italy.

In total they walked 1,424 miles through four countries in 148 days. That would be the equivalent of someone walking from Boston to Miami.

"Each part of it was wonderful, there was something every day to enjoy, just a fabulous experience," Mike told the Daily Mail. "When something like this finishes almost immediately ordinary life takes hold and if you are not careful it can become like a dream and you wonder if you have really done it."

And this wasn't exactly walking through the plains. The couple traversed the Swiss Alps, at one point reaching an altitude of 20,319 feet above sea level.

Mike and Janet, who are both retired, finished their trip at an apartment they own in Ponte Caffaro, Italy.

For more photos of the couple and their journey, see here.

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