Perhaps it was the adrenaline rush that comes from winning the country's most storied golf tournament with one's son and spouse looking on.

Perhaps it was the knowledge that after some struggles on the PGA Tour, Bubba Watson appeared to have found his swing again

Or maybe it was the $1.6 million payday.

Whatever the reason, Watson was feeling generous on Sunday night at a Waffle House in Augusta, Ga.

So after dining with his wife, Angie, and several friends, and taking this widely circulated selfie, Watson laid down a reported $148 tip.

Of course, Watson's bill was probably larger than most because he was celebrating. But seeing as the establishment's prices are very reasonable, Watson's meal -- double grilled cheese with a side of hash browns -- couldn't have been much more than $10. All told, it seems unlikely that his party ordered more than $100 worth of food, so his tip was almost certainly more than the meal itself.

Unit manager Ken Knotts did not confirm the $148 figure to an Augusta Chronicle reporter, but he did say that three employees split the money.

“It was above and beyond what would have normally been shared,” Knotts said. “Bubba was just so gracious about everything.”

That wasn't the only large tip Watson left at a fast food venue that night. After that meal Watson and his party went to a local Steak n' Shake for milkshakes. There, Watson left a $24 tip on the bill.