Cheryl Leitner recently returned home from the experience of a lifetime -- competing in the London Paralympics -- only to find her New Jersey residence in a state of complete disarray.

While the track-and-field athlete and her family were in England, burglars broke into their home and took a bevy of valuables, including money, jewelry and some hardware Leitner had won in previous competitions.

"It would be like a football player getting their Super Bowl ring stolen," Leitner said during an appearance this week on 'Anderson Live'. "I've worked for four years leading up to the Games to get on the team, and then they took it as if it was nothing."

Little did Leitner know, Anderson Cooper and co-host Goldie Hawn had quite a surprise for her. The duo presented Leitner with replacements for many of the items that were stolen. The U.S. Paralympic committee replaced Leitner's Paralympic rings from Sydney and Beijing while Radio Shack replaced Leitner's TV, gaming system, digital camera and also gave her a $1,500 gift card. The jeweler H. Stern replaced Leitner's favorite ring while Zales presented her with a new diamond necklace and a $1,000 gift card.

A truly heartwarming moment:

(H/T to Yardbarker)

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