Josh Sundquist

After five years of crafty Halloween costumes, Paralympian Josh Sundquist crushed it again this year as Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

Sundquist, who lost his leg to cancer at age 9, finds Halloween as a chance to use his disability to his advantage each year with creative costume designs.

I'm going to share my 2016 Halloween costume tomorrow! But first, a quick recap

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Alongside licensed carpenter Lisa McLaughlin, Sundquist spent more than three months constructing the Lumiere costume and debuted the design on social media last week.

The costume cost Sundquist between $200 and $300, and after finishing the design, he tweeted at Senator Bernie Sanders in hopes of getting him to team up for a couples' costume.

Hey @berniesanders want to do a couples Halloween costume with me?

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Take a look at Sundquist with another cast member:

Here's our couples costume!

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