Like many presidents before him, Barack Obama is an avid golfer. He plays on vacation in Hawaii and he plays in the Washington D.C. area with other politicians.

It is also no secret Obama is a perfectionist.

Put these two things together and it only figures that Obama would be using Game Golf, a technological system that allows users to track the distance and other aspects of their golf swing. Users simply place a button at the butt of the club, which is synched with a matching button designed to be worn on a belt. After the round, users can review the ins and outs of their swings on a computer.

Photos from POTUS' recent trip to Martha's Vineyard appear to show Obama outfitted with this contraption.

During a round on Aug. 9 with former NFL star Ahmad Rashad and Cyrus Walker, cousin of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, the belt piece can be seen in a picture of Obama on the green:

The club piece appears to be on the butt of Obama's putter during an Aug. 10 round:

And then on a wood on Aug. 12:

From Business Insider, this is an example of what the left-handed president may see when he puts the Game Golf technology into the computer:

Before anyone gets too excited, it is important to note, Obama does not appear to wear the belt piece during the second and third round of his vacation. He could have decided to stop using Game Golf, which has raised over $280,000 on its Indiegogo page, after one round. Or the belt piece could be hiding in his bag, and he thought it was uncomfortable to have on his belt.

Obama is noted as a competitive athlete when he steps on a golf course or basketball court. There are certain people Obama wants to get a leg up on, such as this guy he played golf with in 2011:

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