The coolest new toy in aquatics has arrived in the form of the "Flyboard."

The Flyboard, which was invented by the French company Zapata Racing, is basically a personalized jetpack that allows its users to harness water power and rocket through a body of water.

And there is no one more equipped to bring us footage of this new device than the acclaimed YouTube director Devin Graham. When it comes to shooting action sports, there are few more creative minds than Graham.

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In case you're curious, the Rocky Mountain Flyboard website has a more in-depth explanation of how the contraption works:

"The water pressure created from a personal watercraft (PWC) is redirected through a 55 foot hose that splits into two nozzles right beneath your feet that are pointed down, creating lift. 10% of the thrust is directed to the hand nozzles, allowing you to stabilize your flight."