Joe Buck is known for being the No. 1 play-by-play man for Fox Sports' coverage of the NFL and MLB -- sometimes doing both on the same day.

Buck is also a fantasy football player with entries in two leagues. One is with work colleagues.

"We call it the A-crew, so it's [Troy] Aikman, our producers, directors, guys working the cameras," Buck said. "Pam Oliver is in our league. And then I'm in one with friends. Guys and girls that I know from all parts of the globe. It's funny because I'm awful at it. I've done it I think four years now and I have never gotten into the playoffs. I'm awful at picking fantasy teams."

It might not come across on the air, but there may be times when the game he is calling will have an impact on his fantasy success (or failure).

"With our games, there was a time earlier in the season three years ago where Aikman and I were neck-and-neck in our little division, and we were doing, I think, Vikings-Patriots," Buck said. "He had [Randy] Moss or [Tom] Brady and I had Adrian Peterson. So we're calling the game and I'm living and dying with what my guys are doing because the last thing Aikman wants to do is lose. He hates losing. And the best thing I can do is beat him at that."

What happened?

"I think I lost because that's typical," Buck said. "Aikman wins at everything."

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