Sunday was a huge sporting day in San Francisco, with the San Francisco Giants taking on the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS and the San Francisco 49ers hosting the New York Giants in a rematch of last year's NFC Championship game.

And one man was there to see both games: Announcer Joe Buck.

The Fox announcer began his day on the gridiron, calling the matchup between the 49ers and the Giants. Immediately after that game ended, Buck rushed out of Candlestick Park to catch a trolley to AT&T Park for the first pitch of the NLCS. Buck left the 49ers game at 4:32 p.m. local time, and thanks to the help of a police escort, he made the seven-mile trek in half an hour. He arrived at the baseball game around 5:04, about 10 minutes before the first pitch.

"I've been looking at the clock ever since kickoff, trying to judge when the game would end," Buck told the Associated Press from the trolley. "It turned out to be a lopsided game and they ran out the clock at the end."

If you missed it on TV yesterday, check out this video of Buck's commute (via Larry Brown).

In conclusion, Buck's day involved the 49ers, the Giants and a trolley. It doesn't get much more San Francisco than that.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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