Drake's slow takeover of sports has added yet another notch to its belt: The rapper reigns as the most popular selection for walk-up music in Major League Baseball.

According to Billboard magazine, Drake songs were selected as the official walk-up music by 17 different MLB players.

AC/DC finished in second, with 14 selections, followed by Jason Aldean at 13. Jay-Z and Big Sean rounded out the top five.

The most popular Drake songs used for players' pre-batting routine were "6 God" and "Energy," from his latest album released this February.

And, if that weren't enough, Drake appears in 13 more walk-up selections throughout Major League Baseball as a guest artist on the song.

If there's any chink in Drake's armor, it's the discovery that his music wasn't well-supported by his hometown Toronto Blue Jays. Only one player from the team currently uses Drake music for his walk-up track. It's Dalton Pompey with "Know Yourself."

Some other interesting takeaways: The single-most popular walk-up song is "Blessings" by Big Sean featuring Drake. Miguel Cabrera, who currently leads MLB in batting average, prefers a collaboration between Kanye West and Jay-Z.

By and large, the music preferences tend to fall into three camps: Rap/R&B, country and AC/DC.

Special shout-out to Bryce Harper, who approaches home plate for every batting appearance to the country-folk hit "Wagon Wheel.

But back to Drake: Now that Meek Mill has called him out and accused him of using a ghostwriter to pen his songs, it'll be interesting to see whether his support grows stronger among MLB players, or whether they switch to a different batting anthem.

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