If you're into celebrity power couples, you're going to love this: Two of the biggest stars in sports appear to be caught in one another's gravitational pull. After sitting together at the Duke-Wisconsin championship basketball game earlier this month, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt are still enjoying quality time together.

The two just popped up in a photo that show the pair enjoying themselves somewhere warm and sunny (Fisher Island, Florida, according to the Instagram post):

Caroline Wozniacki & J.J Watt

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Neither Watt nor Wozniacki has commented publicly, but the pair is making no apparent effort to maintain any secrecy, either. The picture comes less than a day after Wozniacki was taking heat on Twitter for complimenting Jordan Spieth over his victory at The Masters -- and, some suggested, dissing her ex-fiancee Rory McIlroy in the process.

Wozniacki followed up her congratulatory tweet by slamming any suggestion that she was acting out of bitterness.

Fair to say that if she is actually in a blossoming relationship with Watt, she can't be all that mad about Rory dumping her.

(The Florida photo was also taken before news broke that Watt revealed that he is leaving Nike for Reebok because he's still wearing shorts with a swoosh on it.)

Here they are at the Duke-Wisconsin game in Indianapolis:

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