If J.J. Watt and Caroline Wozniacki have a burgeoning love they'd like to keep quiet, they're doing a terrible job at it. After the Houston Texans defensive star and the women's tennis stud were spotted next to one another at the NCAA men's basketball championship game Monday night, rumors are running rampant that the two are an item.

It makes perfect sense that Watt would be at the game. He played football at Wisconsin and identifies strongly with the school. Wozniacki, though, is a different story. Unless the Danish athlete has cultivated a deep appreciation for basketball in secret, the odds are strong she was at the game to be with a certain somebody.

The potential relationship is also notable because Wozniacki was engaged to golfer Rory McIlroy, who broke off their relationship less than one year ago.

It's hard to draw too many conclusions since this is the first time Watt and Wozniacki have been connected to one another, but to be seen together at such a high-profile event means that if there is something there, we'll probably get some confirmation on it soon.

Until then: can you imagine the biceps those babies would have?

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