Derek Jeter hasn't slipped out of the spotlight post-retirement. In between starting up an athlete-run news outlet and stirring up rumors that he might try to buy the Miami Marlins, Jeter has been active in starting his second life.

Meanwhile, his legend is still fresh in the minds of his fans. For that reason, the value of Jeter's collectibles have skyrocketed.

But those inflated values aren't built to last, experts say. That's why rather than as a long-term investment, the smart move is to sell off Jeter memorabilia as soon as possible.

An article from Forbes highlights how collector's items can inflate in value -- and quickly. Even experts of memorabilia and auction houses can't always predict what an item will sell for.

In many cases, it only takes two people for an item's value to far exceed expectations. When that does happen, it's usually because the bidders have an attachment that exceeds financial interests.

Investors aren't as interested in purchasing Derek Jeter collectibles right now -- not while prices are so high. But fans are desperate to snatch whatever tangible connections they can find to one of baseball's all-time greats.

Nearly three months after first listing a Derek Jeter game-worn sock for $410, Steiner Sports hasn't lowered the price a penny. The sock is featured in the retailer's Derek Jeter section of its website.

Eventually, the demand will decline -- as will the price for items across the board. For die-hard fans of Jeter's, the monetary value is irrelevant. But for anyone hoping to get rich off Jeter paraphernalia, be advised: A recession in this market is looming.

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